Teens – Momentum Youth 

Teens from 7th grade through 12th grade are a part of the GCNAZ Momentum Student Ministries for Teens.


Pastor Jamie Johnson leads this group and the many activities the students participate in.
Momentum Student Ministries Monthly Newsletters:
The 5th Annual Garden City Golf Classic Tournament is coming up on May 20th, 2017.
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Momentum Student Ministries

Coffee Fundraiser:

By purchasing coffee from the Momentum Student Ministry students you are directly sponsoring them and the ministry. These students have shown a commitment to being a part of this ministry and what it is about. They have a desire to grow in the likeness of God’s son Jesus Christ through worship, praise, and service. The ministries desire is to grow these students as leaders who love God, and are others oriented. By supporting this ministry, you are helping make this desire a reality. Thank you!
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