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GCNAZ – Between Sundays
We now have our very own GCNAZ App for your mobile phone of the Iphone or Android variety. Sorry but it is not yet available for Ipads or Windows phones. You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store for free and stay in touch with what is going on right on your phone.

APP   Name:   GCNAZ – Between Sundays

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Staying in God’s Word Between Sundays 
As the name of the app implies our app provides you a way to get and stay closer to God’s Word and GCNAZ through your mobile phone. When you first download the app to your phone – you will sign-up for the app.  The sign-up process will request that you fill out a spiritual profile.  This is voluntary, and it is completely private between you and the app. The app will also ask you how many times a day you would like to get into the Word of God through the app and it will then send you special messages based on your input designed just for you and your spiritual journey. Through this special aspect of the app you are able to stay in touch with God’s word – Between Sundays. Be honest with the app, no one will ever see what you have told the app, not even the pastor!
Special Topics – Tracks
There are also tracks on several subjects available on the app.  These you sign up for under the heading of MY TRACKS. In that section of the app, click on the plus sign + in the upper right corner of the app page to get a list of all the apps available so far. You can sign up for none or all of them your choice. The tracks available at this time are sequential and will provide you with a certain number of daily messages on that topic. When they are all sent to you you can sign up for them again if you want to repeat them. Or sign up for a different one. Keep checking back as new tracks will be added in the future.
Thanksgiving and Advent Tracks available now. New tracks added all the time.
We are in need of AUTHORS for Tracks if anyone is inclined to help us with their own special topics.
For you convenience there are links in app menu to:
online giving
current sermons
The Discipleship Place
If the church office or any of the Pastors need to get word out to everyone, a global message will be sent to the app as a message in your message feed.  Be sure to check there if you need up to date info on events and cancellations.
Coming Soon
Events will be loaded to the app so you can check the calendar from the app.
Explore the app and all it provides and be blessed on your spiritual journey in the Word of God.